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Capital Staffing Solutions takes a personalized approach to finding you the right job for you within your trade. We look to setup new candidates for success and that’s what’s made Capital Staffing Solutions successful.

We at Capital Staffing take a meticulously tailored approach to your needs and use proven recruitment strategies to meet your local market and staff demands.  We provide temporary staff to clients of various niche industries, with a heavy focus on Waste & Recycling, and Manufacturing sectors. Here at Capital Staffing Solutions, we know that if our clients are open, so are we! We look forward to helping you find that perfect candidate, one hire at a time. 

Benefits of Using Capital Staffing

Access our dedicated recruitment team 24/7

Control labour costs by managing the workforce and meeting the demands of your organization

Reduce recruitment time, efforts and expenses

Provide backfill for vacations, leaves of absence, maternity leave, and holidays

Qualified, pre-screened candidates

Save on vacation and sick pay, workers’ compensation, and payroll burden costs

Determine if a temporary employee is a good fit before hiring

Reduce overall payroll expenses by adding staff when needed

Reduce overtime costs by increasing manpower with temporary employees

No workers’ compensation expenses or claims management

Focus on your core business activities

Free-up experienced staff by using temporary workers for time-consuming jobs

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Our service offers fast and dependable solutions in times of transition.

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